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About PIC Earthing Electrode Installation

How to install PIPE IN CAGE:

  1. Augur / Drill / Bore a hole of 8-10 Inch in diameter at a place where earthing is to be done up to appropriate length of PIPE IN CAGE Earthing Electrode.
  2. Put the electrode in vertical positions in the pit with the connection terminal on the top.
    It is recommended to fill support filling compound surrounding PIPE IN CAGE Electrode mixed with proper water pouring simultaneously.
  3. Normally 1 bags of support filling compound is recommended for our PIPE IN CAGE Earthing Electrode but in some case i.e., Rocky Area or filled soil area bag can be varies.
  4. Make joint with suitable copper wire/Stainless steel strip or G.I. wire/strips carry for earthing from your equipment etc. up to the earthing terminals provide on the top of the PIPE IN CAGE Earthing Electrode.
  5. Put the chamber with the cover over the PIPE IN CAGE Earthing Electrode & apply petroleum jelly on the exposed part of PIPE IN CAGE Earthing Electrode i.e., terminal.
  6. Do proper water pouring up to 6-7 days after Installation.

Support filling compound:
What is support filling compound? It is a conductivity improver compound. It is a specially developed compound having high conductivity, rust resistance property, absorbing & retaining the moisture for a long time. It reduces the soil resistivity and helps in faster dissipation of fault current. It is also helpful to control fluctuation of OHMIC value